5 Steps to handling a data breach like a pro

With data breaches hitting the headlines every day, many people have become desensitized to them. This isn’t helped by the fact that most attacks that do make the news are those targeting large enterprises, thus leading many small business leaders to believe they’re not attractive enough targets to hackers.

What are DDOS attacks and how should Utah businesses prepare for them?

You’ve probably heard of DDoS attacks before — they’re some of the most common cyberattacks out there. They’re also growing more sophisticated. Generally, the perpetrator attempts to slow down or disrupt a network by overwhelming it with a flood of internet traffic and service requests, until the whole system crumbles under pressure and shuts down.

Your IT team can use the added support of an MSP

It’s hard to predict a business’s future IT needs when things are just getting started. More often than not, it’s more important to get the company off the ground before investing in the technology you may or may not later need. But when things go well, there inevitably comes a point when resources — human and technical — fall short of needs.

8 Ways to boost your network’s security

Every business network handles a range of sensitive data from financial records to intellectual property to personally identifiable information. To protect your organization from the rising tide of cyberthreats, it’s imperative that you take every reasonable step to ensure nothing bad gets in and no confidential records leave through unsecured channels.

Why you need a backup and disaster recovery plan

Your company relies on its documents and applications to keep customers happy and to stay in business. Imagine what would happen if you suddenly lost access to all of it. If you’re lucky, your business may be able to come out unscathed, but the reality is many businesses affected by a major disaster close their doors for good.

Why should you hire an MSP to manage your network infrastructure

Today’s businesses have grown so reliant on their networking infrastructure that even an hour of downtime can lead to serious losses in productivity and profit. It doesn’t help that enterprise technology is becoming increasingly complex.

With the supply of IT expertise still struggling to keep up with demand, and the enormous costs that come with it, few businesses can afford to maintain their own full-fledged IT departments.

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