Why should you hire an MSP to manage your network infrastructure

Today’s businesses have grown so reliant on their networking infrastructure that even an hour of downtime can lead to serious losses in productivity and profit. It doesn’t help that enterprise technology is becoming increasingly complex.

With the supply of IT expertise still struggling to keep up with demand, and the enormous costs that come with it, few businesses can afford to maintain their own full-fledged IT departments. Even if they can, chances are it won’t be long before they end up being overburdened by the constantly growing demands of today’s market. If any of these problems sound familiar, then it’s probably time to consider outsourcing network management to a managed IT services provider (MSP).

Maximize service availability

Network availability has a direct and immediate impact on business performance. In the age of cloud computing, where many mission-critical business apps are hosted off-site, the performance, uptime, and reliability of your network are even more crucial than ever before. As business networks become increasingly complex, utilizing modern technologies like SD-WAN, there’s a greater need to implement a centralized management solution that proactively monitors issues that might affect performance and service reliability.

MSPs constantly monitor your network to ensure uptime, as defined in their service level agreements (SLAs). That way, your employees will be able to access the resources they need to do their jobs no matter where they are and which device they’re connecting from. With your entire networking infrastructure managed for you, you’ll also be able to reduce operational costs and boost productivity and morale.

Incorporate security into IT

The complex and multifaceted nature of today’s enterprise networking environment introduces many new risks into the equation. Although there’s no denying the value of cloud computing and mobile technologies in the modern business, they also give attackers more entry points to your critical business data. That’s why you need a way to monitor all incoming and outgoing traffic to and from your network 24/7/365.

It’s imperative that you keep your business communications secure by encrypting all data sent across the public internet and locking down your network from eavesdroppers and other attackers. An MSP should provide all the security and data management solutions you need to protect your business, such as virtual private networking (VPN), managed firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention (IDS/IPS), and unified messaging. In other words, your entire network infrastructure should be secure by design and compliant with all regulations facing your industry.

Augment in-house IT

If you already have an in-house IT department, you may think there’s no need to partner with an MSP, but is your existing IT department able to keep up with the workload? Are they scalable enough to adapt to your growing business demands? Are they active around the clock to proactively safeguard your network from the constant threat of cyberattacks? The answer is likely no, unless you’re running a very large business that can afford to take care of all its technology needs in-house.

Partnering with an MSP shouldn’t mean sacking all your existing IT staff and closing down your in-house data center, and you should be cautious of any vendor who might suggest such a thing. Rather, an MSP can augment your existing resources by providing services on demand. That way, you can tap into the expertise and computing power you need when you need it, while retaining a higher degree of control. No doubt your IT staff will be happy to have one less responsibility on their shoulders too.

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VIDEO – NetWize Implements Cisco Solutions for Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort

Snowbird Ski and Summer resort is located up Little Cottonwood canyon in Utah. They strive to be one of the premier resorts worldwide – enhancing body, mind and spirit in everything they do. NetWize designed their first ethernet network 20 years ago and has been their trusted go-to technology partner ever since.

Snowbird came to NetWize for assistance when they were having trouble with extremely slow and very expensive microwave internet service. Fiber was finally installed in the canyon and they needed to upgrade their routers to accommodate faster speeds. NetWize helped Snowbird assess their options to replace their current router which could no longer accommodate the large amount of bandwidth with brand new, high-performing Cisco routers. This upgrade provides much faster and more reliable internet service for their resort guests and corporate office employees, which resulted in better operational efficiencies and happy customers. They even reported a 97% customer satisfaction rating on their surveys after the new solution was implemented.

In addition, Snowbird needed a firewall refresh to replace an outdated solution. Based on their needs, NetWize recommended and implemented a new Cisco ASA 5525 X Firewall with Firepower Services solution. This next generation firewall solution gives them a higher level of security and peace of mind with application level control and advanced reporting. With the high number of credit card transactions processed each day, this new solution helped them meet PCI compliance requirements.

Watch the video to learn more about how NetWize helped Snowbird solve infrastructure challenges.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMl7_gXjlsY&w=560&h=315]

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