What Does it Take to Become a Dell Premier Partner

At NetWize, we are proud to have partnerships with many reputable companies, such as Microsoft, HP and Cisco. One partnership we’d like to highlight is Dell, one of our Premier Partners. What does it take for a business to join these ranks, and what are the advantages? You are about to find out!

In order to first become a Dell Partner, a business must possess three essential things: an active website, an email that is tied to the business and a valid certificate for reselling. Once you move up to Preferred Partner status, there are additional requirements, like completing at least one PartnerDirect competency, in areas such as storage, cloud computing or systems management, and certain level of sales over the previous four quarters upon completion of core competencies. The next level of partnership is Premier Partner, which is what we are here at NetWize. Premier Partners require two or more completed competencies, with at least $750,000 in sales in the previous four quarters, as well as the completion of one Dell Solutions training course. In addition, Premier Partners must display the PartnerDirect Premier Partner logo on their website (something we take pride in doing).

Once you have moved up the ranks, there are many advantages to be had. Dell Premier partners have access to active Channel management, field marketing, and engineering teams. They also engage with the Dell direct account managers to ensure that their clients are receiving the very best possible service, pricing, and support.  In addition, Dell works closely with its Premier partners to ensure that they are trained and up to date on all products and services and that the partner understands the Dell product roadmap.

In addition to being a Dell Premier Partner, NetWize is also a Dell GeoPartner. GeoPartner is a relatively new program that allows Dell direct sales representatives to leverage local partners to deliver services. The local partner delivers the service under the Dell banner, thus broadening Dell’s service reach. There is a relatively small number service providers included in the program, and Dell isn’t necessarily looking for hundreds of partners to join. Instead, they want to select companies, like NetWize, who have the specific skill sets that can meet the needs of its customers.

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We are Microsoft Gold Certified

At NetWize we know that having outstanding I.T. support is vital, yet difficult to find. This is one of the reasons why NetWize has invested in becoming a  Microsoft Gold Certified partner. But what exactly does that mean, and how can this benefit your business? Microsoft Gold Certified partners are  able to provide and implement Microsoft best practice solutions by skilled engineers so your I.T. runs like a well-oiled machine.

In order to become a certified partner, a company must first demonstrate a superior level of certification, capabilities and implementations. Once reached, they can then be considered (and possibly chosen) to become a gold certified partner. Once approved, a company has proven that they have the credibility needed to partner with Microsoft, one of the world’s largest software providers.

Simply put, Microsoft Gold Certified partners are independent companies that are able to provide the highest level of technical knowledge and expertise. When opting for a managed service provider, it is important to keep their level of expertise in mind. After all, you want your technology to be in the best possible hands, right? With a Microsoft Gold certification, you can positively trust their services and knowledge because they  have proven themselves to become a certified partner.

Microsoft Gold Certified also partners have a close working relationship with Microsoft so they receive direct support from them while working on your projects.  That also means you can be confident you are receiving the best service available in regards to your technology.

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