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Proactive Technology Management

Technology should be there to support you, not the other way around. If you’re relying on a support provider engaged under a break/fix contract, then they are waiting for your computer systems to go wrong before they make any money. What sort of an incentive is that for them to make your system run efficiently?

With Managed Services from NetWize, things are different. When you work with us, you enjoy increased uptime, more efficient IT and more effective predictability of your technology costs. But the real peace of mind comes from knowing that your essential network needs are being monitored 24 hours a day.

You can count on services like patch management, anti-virus and spyware administration, remote backup, spam protection and desktop optimization - all of which keep you and your organization running at top form, whatever the business world might throw at you.

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Technology Consulting

The vast number of options for different business technologies can make it difficult to know which ones you really need. But with help from NetWize’s Technology Consulting service, you can make sense of what’s on offer and which ones are best suited to you in meeting your business challenges.

Our combination of in-depth technology knowledge and small business acumen means our consulting services are just what the doctor called for in helping you to take your current IT setup to the next level. We equip you with your own dedicated Virtual CIO - you’ll feel as though you’ve added an extra member to your senior team without the expense.

Your Virtual CIO will update you on a regular basis with advice and guidance on how to best to stay up to date with, and make the most of, your business technology. Everything from procurement through design, to budgeting and disaster recovery planning, is included in our comprehensive Technology Consulting service.

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Network administration

You started your company not to focus on IT issues, but to excel at the line of business you specialize in. You probably spend too much time juggling day-to-day technology headaches as it is, without even thinking about how you might improve the efficiency of your network going forward.

But forward planning is essential, and that’s where Network Administration services from NetWize can lend a hand. We’ll equip you with a dedicated network administrator who, by visiting you in person on a regular basis, will review your current setup and make suggestions as to how to make improvements for a more smoothly operating IT setup.

A technology checklist, a centralized service report review, and thorough testing of your backups and the processes used to manage them, will help you get to the heart of your system’s strengths and weaknesses and identify how best to move forward. And of course, NetWize stands ready to help you implement the process changes you might identify.

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Reactive Support Services

No matter how much we all aim for proactivity in identifying IT problems and fixing them before they create downtime, it’s a fact of life that there will always be something you hadn’t foreseen, or which was out of your control. Fires arise from time to time and, when that happens, you need an expert firefighter on standby who can have things in hand in moments.

At NetWize, we make sure you are never alone when things go wrong. This starts by taking the time to understand your company, your products and your processes, so that when you need to call us, we are already up to speed and ready to do what it takes to get you moving again.

Couple that with unlimited helpdesk support, so your staff always have someone to turn to when IT troubles strike, along with on-site support and problem isolation and resolution. Our Reactive Support Services give your staff the confidence to tackle IT problems head-on without taking them away from their core job.

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End User Help Desk

When you call a manufacturer’s technical support line, the representative you speak with has no idea how your business works or what kind of IT environment you have - so how can they possibly help you in an IT emergency? With End User Help Desk services from NetWize, you can rely on our staff of professionals to provide personalized, expert advice and support for your unique business.

Say goodbye to unnecessary wait times and the runaround for technical support, and maximize your efficiency, productivity and effectiveness with expert End User Help Desk services from NetWize.

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Network Security Compliance

What would happen to your business if you lost vital data or worse, confidential customer information was stolen? Cyber-crime is on the rise and small businesses are just as likely to suffer from it as large ones. Fortunately with good network security management you can minimize the risk of such disasters happening. NetWize can give you:

  • Control - We implement network firewalls, anti-virus software, disaster recovery systems, and offer information security testing and consultancy to protect your business and keep you compliant.
  • Peace of mind - Let us help you minimize the need to constantly worry about hackers, viruses, and the possibility of your important data being compromised!
  • Security compliance - You can trust that NetWize's Network Security solutions can help you meet all of the security compliance regulations for your industry.

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Communication Challenges

Small / In today's global marketplace, staying connected to colleagues, employees, customers and potential clients is essential to doing good business. The business technology now available has greatly elevated our ability to reach new markets and increase efficiency, as well as break the barriers of traditional communication.

By unifying the communication processes throughout your business with progressive technology, you can collaborate with anyone, anywhere, anytime, to increase productivity and profitability.

Integrating your technology can take your business to the next level by:

  • Unifying business communications - so everyone is connected anywhere, anytime
  • Empowering teams through workspaces - with dynamic collaboration applications
  • Connecting people, processes and information - with greater access to people and data
  • Enabling work anywhere - with mobile and remote devices and management

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Efficiency and Profitability

For a small business like yours, flexible IT is key. Cloud computing from NetWize provides an affordable, efficient and scalable system to meet your business needs.

With NetWize as your technology partner, you can enjoy cloud services that are:

  • Scalable - we offer a solid foundation for your technology that allows you to grow with confidence
  • Customized - to your organization's evolving needs
  • Accessible from anywhere - as long as you have Internet connection
  • Affordable - cloud computing is not just for huge organization's with deep pockets

NetWize provides orchestrated IT solutions that are engineered to your business needs. We help you improve the efficiency and productivity of your day-to-day operations as well as in the long term, resulting in increased profits!

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Saving Time

Save time at work and improve productivity by using Managed Services from NetWize!

  • Proactive Monitoring - NetWize monitors all critical components of your IT environment to ensure correct and efficient operation of your technology.
  • Support when you need it - Contact us any time you have a problem. We have technicians here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!
  • Expert advice – Our experienced and certified network engineers are committed to providing you with a fully customized solution - we tailor your technology to meet your specific business needs!

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Peace of Mind

Imagine how much easier life would be if your IT wasn’t constantly causing you problems. You could say goodbye to expensive computer repair bills and forget about those technology woes for good. That’s Managed Services from NetWize.

  • Backup and disaster recovery – In today’s world, businesses must be highly resilient and able to mitigate multiple risks. Extended downtime can be fatal. So be prepared for the worst with our Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions.
  • Proactive monitoring – With us proactively monitoring your IT network 24/7, you can sleep soundly at night knowing your data is safe and your systems will be running flawlessly as soon as you return to work.
  • Focus on running your business – If you have a problem that needs to be resolved, you can count on our qualified engineers to fix it right the first time. That way, you can focus on strategically running your business.

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At NetWize, we hire experienced and certified engineers to fix your technology problems. As a result, we are better able to identify, diagnose, and resolve complex IT issues before they have adverse effects on your business. We also assess your business needs and create a custom technology solution that is tailored specifically to you – that way, you can feel confident in your IT environment.

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