Your Guide to Selecting the Ideal Managed Services Provider

How to choose managed services provider


Identifying a managed service provider (MSP) that aligns with your company’s needs demands high scrutiny and deliberation before a final decision is reached.

A trustworthy MSP is more than just a vendor. They serve as a crucial ally in driving your business towards digital excellence and sustainable growth,
says Jed Crossley, President of NetWize.

In this article, we’ll shed light on the critical aspects of how to choose a managed services provider that fits well with your business objectives. Read on as we examine key considerations for a successful MSP partnership, including:

  • How to choose a managed services provider
  • How to choose managed security services
  • Essential technical questions to qualifying MSP
  • Important questions to ask during MSP discovery


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What are Managed IT Services? Exploring the Advantages of Engaging with an MSP

Managed IT services are among the leading solutions for companies seeking to optimize their tech functionalities while focusing on their primary goals.

Essentially, managed IT services denote outsourcing a company’s IT management tasks, applications, and operational procedures to a dedicated managed service provider.

Research shows that 37% of all IT operations are outsourced to MSPs, and 13.6% of IT department budgets are dedicated to outsourcing. In addition, partnering with an MSP provides you with a complete suite of advantages for your organization, such as:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Total peace of mind
  • Superior system dependability
  • Consistent 24/7 technical support
  • Entry to cutting-edge technologies
  • Advanced cybersecurity measures
  • Unmatched expertise and specialization
  • A sharpened focus on primary objectives
  • A proactive approach to IT issue management


Managed Services Vendor Selection Criteria: Key Considerations

Crafting your managed services vendor selection criteria involves meticulously assessing various factors.

Navigating the world of managed IT services can be similar to exploring uncharted waters for some. Although each business’s direction is uniquely determined by its digital goals, certain universal markers can illuminate your path.

Consider these core elements when compiling your MSP inquiry checklist:

MSP Offerings: The ideal MSP excels as a generalist and specializes in services critical to your operations. Whether it’s the complexities of network management, the convenience of cloud services, robust cybersecurity services, or software support, their expertise should align with your demands.

Proven Track Record: Explore the depth of the MSP’s history. Evaluate their industry experience, achievements, and customer testimonials to gauge their quality and reliability.

Scalability: With the digital environment constantly changing, your potential MSP should be a partner for the future and the present. Their services must be adaptable and poised to grow alongside your business.

Financial Clarity: Clear communication with prospective MSPs about their pricing model is crucial. Aim for detailed insights into their billing structure to avoid unexpected costs or budget issues.

Anticipation of Issues: Choose an MSP that anticipates your needs, not just reacts to them. Their support system should be nimble, ensuring prompt and efficient issue resolution.

Cybersecurity Coverage: Given a 68% surge in global ransomware attacks in 2023, an MSP’s cybersecurity experience is indispensable. Investigate their approaches to online security and information protection.

Compatibility: Look beyond technical capabilities to find an MSP that matches your company’s culture and values. Successful digital partnerships thrive on common goals, shared values, and collaborative spirits.



Key Questions to Ask IT MSPs During the Selection Process

Identifying the right set of MSP qualifying questions to ask is pivotal in uncovering crucial insights that will influence your selection.

Determining if an MSP would be a good fit requires you to ask a mix of both technical and non-technical questions, integral to your managed services selection criteria. Below is a structured list of questions to ask during MSP discovery.


Technical Questions

  1. Service Offerings: Can you detail the IT services and solutions your MSP offers? How do these services meet our specific organizational requirements?
  2. Technology Expertise: What tech stacks and platforms does your firm excel in? Include in your questions to ask IT MSPs requests for instances of their successful projects, integrations, and other achievements.
  3. Cybersecurity Measures: Describe your cybersecurity and data safety approach. What protocols do you enforce to protect critical data?
  4. Average Response Times: What is your standard response duration for technical glitches and service inquiries?
  5. Service Level Agreements (SLAs): Can you clarify the specifics of your SLAs? I’m interested in the guarantees regarding uptime, resolution timelines, and escalation procedures.
  6. Data Management: How do you manage the complexities of data handling? I’m eager to learn about your backup strategies, data recovery plans, and disaster preparedness.


Non-Technical Questions

  1. Industry Experience: Please outline your firm’s journey in the MSP landscape. Do you have client testimonials or case studies highlighting successful partnerships?
  2. Collaboration Efforts: How will your services integrate with our existing IT setup and operational processes? What steps do you take to ensure smooth integration?
  3. Cultural Fit: Please provide insights into your company culture and core values. How do these values align with our company’s culture?
  4. Scalability: Given the dynamic nature of businesses, how can you adjust to changes in our service needs over time?
  5. Cost Structure: Please explain your pricing model. Are there any hidden fees or financial details we should be aware of?
  6. Long-Term Vision: How do you stay informed about IT industry trends and technological innovations? What is your strategy for adapting your services to our future demands?

Whether you focus on how to choose managed security services, managed IT services, or IT consulting, understanding these technical and non-technical questions to ask during the MSP discovery phase will provide you with an in-depth view of how the MSP can drive your technological advancement forward.


What to Consider When Choosing an MSP for Your Business


how to choose managed security services

Find a Partner That Meets All of Your Managed Services Selection Criteria

When determining your managed services vendor selection criteria, asking pertinent questions and selecting a provider tailored to your specific requirements is crucial.



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