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Why choose NetWize for IT support?

  • Get tailored advice from a dedicated team that has over 64 years of combined IT expertise
  • Leverage proactive IT solutions with staff who know you, your business, industry and needs personally
  • Access a range of advanced IT support against the full gamut of IT issues, no matter how complex
  • Maintain your business’ operational efficiency with dedicated hardware and software support for your team
  • Connect to an expert IT technician in under 10 minutes for rapid IT issues resolution and mitigated downtime

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IT Support in Salt Lake City

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Featured IT Support Services

Stop Persistent Threats Before They Spread

Threats often go unnoticed. Unnoticed issues can escalate, causing significant disruptions. It’s a challenge to stay ahead of these hidden dangers.

At NetWize, we’re committed to safeguarding your network. Our team of proactive IT support professionals works tirelessly, monitoring your network 24/7.

We detect and eliminate threats before they become a problem, ensuring you don’t even have to call us.

Keep Your Critical Data Safe from Hackers

Losing critical data can be a major setback for any business, as it leads to the loss of valuable time and secure information. However, managing this can divert your focus from core business activities.

NetWize provides fully managed backup solutions. Our expert IT team takes charge of your data security, offering constant monitoring and management.

Our disaster recovery plans include not just data backup and restoration but also strategies for rapid operational recovery post-disaster.

Only Deal With The Same IT Issue Once

One political science professor told Pew Research that, “Technology always creates 2 new problems for every 1 it solves.” Without the right support team on your side, it can definitely feel that way.

The NetWize team is focused on changing that narrative. Our goal is to offer you a long-term solution after every call. This way, you’ll solve the 1 issue you called for without any others popping up.

We do this by truly digging into the root of every problem instead of trying to put a band-aid on the issue.

Work With Specialists Who Know People As Well As Information Technology

In IT support, the human element is often overlooked. You need a team that excels in technology and understands people. Too many IT firms excel technically but fall short in customer interaction.

At NetWize, we bridge this gap. Our team is adept in both advanced IT solutions and exceptional customer service.

This allows us to connect with your concerns and ensure our solutions are perfectly aligned with you. Strong communication and empathy are our key strengths.

IT Support Should Always Be Part of Managed Services

If your provider doesn’t provide it, it’s time to make a change.

Benefit From Partnering With Our
IT Support Company in Salt Lake City

IT Support in Salt Lake City, Utah

Empower Your Team to Achieve More Every Day

Remote work is now common, but it brings challenges. A major one is ensuring your team’s constant IT support. Lack of reliable assistance can hamper productivity.

In fact, workers lose an average of 3 hours weekly to IT issues.

With NetWize, you can turn this around. Our solutions are flexible, scalable, and tailored for remote work dynamics. Our end-user managed services provide essential support for hardware and software.

We ensure your team has the tools and assistance needed to minimize downtime and stay competitive.

Salt Lake City IT Support

Ensure Your Cloud Assets Stay in Shape

Businesses often struggle to balance productivity, collaboration, and security in their cloud solutions. Understanding your current environment and identifying gaps is crucial for efficient cloud architecture.

NetWize can support and optimize your cloud assets. We work closely with your company to tailor cloud strategies that boost productivity and collaboration.

Our focus is on helping you create a cloud architecture that supports your business’s short and long-term goals, ensuring a perfect fit for your needs.

Our Other IT Services in Salt Lake City

  • Managed IT Services
  • IT Helpdesk
  • IT Consulting
  • Cybersecurity
  • IT Outsourcing
  • Network Support

FAQs Adressed to Our
IT Support Company in Salt Lake City

The cost of IT support services from NetWize varies based on the number of users and the required level of support.

Our services are customizable to meet each company’s specific functional and budgetary needs. We offer IT support plans that ensure you only pay a flat monthly fee for all primary services.

This approach helps you reduce your long-term IT maintenance costs.

NetWize is a B2B company. As such, we only provide IT support for business devices. We do not troubleshoot personal devices.

However, we provide troubleshooting for BYOD devices connected to a client’s business network, with the condition that the network be owned by a current client.

This approach ensures that our team is focused and specialized on IT support for business environments.

As your local Microsoft partner, we specialize in troubleshooting Microsoft applications that are essential for modern business operations.

This includes:

Microsoft 365’s suite of productivity tools
Microsoft Teams
Azure for app development and data archiving
Dynamics 365, for both its CRM and ERP capabilities

We can help you leverage these tools to digitally transform your company.

Outsourcing IT support to NetWize, even with an existing in-house IT team, brings numerous benefits to both large and small businesses.

You gain:

  • Professional guidance for complex IT projects
  • Cost savings on IT purchases through our partnerships with leading technology vendors
  • Access to specialized knowledge and resources that complement your internal team’s capabilities

This collaboration enhances your overall IT strategy and efficiency.

If you’re a current NetWize client needing immediate IT support, you can call us at (801) 747-3200 or open a ticket through our remote support portal.

Our support services are only for clients. If you are not yet a client, please call our sales team at (385) 213-2003 to book a demo and explore our IT support services.


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