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Regain control over your workday with fast-acting tech support that minimizes downtime.

Say Goodbye to Costly Downtime With Rapid Managed IT Support Services

Stop losing valuable time, money, and resources to downtime by working with a leading IT support specialist.

Why choose NetWize for IT support?

  • Accelerate your return to work with tech support that features an average response time of just 10 minutes.
  • Benefit from responsive assistance with a helpdesk team that’s always ready to step in and assist you.
  • Get dependable computer support from four tiers of technicians who offer advanced support when you need it.
  • Work with a trusted support team that brings more than 64 years of combined expertise to every engagement.
  • Maximize your flexibility with customizable packages and a 60-day opt-out clause for our IT support services.

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Why NetWize is a Trusted Local IT Support Company

<10 Minutes

Average response time for all technical support requests

25+ Years

Providing dependable IT support for businesses like yours


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IT Support in Utah

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How Your Business Benefits From Our Outsourced IT Support

Reclaim Your Productivity With Rapid IT Support

Downtime carries a hefty price tag, with each minute costing you $427 or more. You can’t afford to be offline, which is why our IT support and services prioritize rapid resolutions.

Partner with us and benefit from our tailored approach to tech support that responds to your issues quickly and addresses your specific needs and challenges with:

  • Proactive system monitoring
  • A 10-minute average response time
  • Access to four tiers of IT support specialists

Benefit From Responsive Helpdesk Support

Empower your team with our responsive IT helpdesk support. Get instant access to technical expertise, ensuring no query goes unresolved.

We pride ourselves on answering your calls and addressing your challenges faster, keeping your operations smooth and efficient with:

  • Efficient problem-solving
  • 24/7/365 overnight support
  • Continuous support from a trusted team

Advanced IT Support for Cloud Computing 

Relying on cloud-based operations is becoming the norm for today’s businesses, as research shows that 60% of corporate data is stored within the cloud.

Elevate your business with our cutting-edge IT support for cloud computing solutions. Our cloud support is designed to be agile and scalable, adapting to your evolving business needs by offering:

  • Seamless cloud migrations
  • Data backup and disaster recovery
  • Noticeable productivity improvements

Secure, Reliable, and Fast Network Support

As part of our IT support services, we ensure your business stays connected with our robust network support services.

We provide secure, reliable, and fast networking solutions, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

Our experienced team ensures your network is always up to the task, supporting your growth and success with:

  • Network maintenance
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Wireless networking support

Implement Comprehensive Security Protocols

Considering that data breaches typically cost around $4.45 million, it’s crucial to prioritize your cybersecurity measures.

Protect your data, ensure the safety of applications, and defend your staff with 24/7 SOC and SIEM services. Stay ahead of potential threats with immediate alerts, and quickly neutralize risks before they escalate into security breaches.

Navigate through audits effortlessly with an IT ally that specializes in steering companies like yours through regulatory compliance, helping your business avoid fines, sanctions, and legal issues.

Get Back to Work in Under 10 Minutes With Our IT Support

Stop losing time and money to tech issues with our IT support for small businesses.

Eliminate Recurring Issues With Our Small Business IT Support

Utah IT Support

Cover All of Your Needs With Our Fully-Featured IT Support and Services

Relying on multiple sources for IT computer support can drive costs up while causing confusion and delay.

At NetWize, we help you avoid those unfortunate situations by offering a complete support of IT support services under one roof.

Partner with us and keep your information technology running smoothly with:

  • Cloud support
  • Network support
  • End user support
  • Rapid technical support
  • Responsive helpdesk services
  • IT support from four tiers of engineers
  • Tech implementation, deployment and administration
Utah Tech & IT Support

Benefit From Reliable On-Site Assistance From Our IT Support Specialists

While numerous IT challenges can be addressed from afar, some situations demand direct, in-person intervention. The importance of prompt, on-site assistance is immeasurable.

That’s why NetWize provides remote and on-site IT support and services to all local businesses. We dispatch our experienced professionals directly to your location.

Our skilled team comes prepared to tackle complex issues to ensure smooth operation before they leave.

IT Support in Utah

Enjoy a Flexible Tech Support Experience With a 60-Day Opt-Out Clause

An IT support company should provide you with top-quality customer service in every engagement. A provider that fails to do so could be putting you at risk.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority at NetWize. That’s why we include a 60-day opt-out clause in our contracts.

If you feel our managed IT support services are not living up to your expectations, simply cancel your contract within the 60-day period and move on without penalty.

Our goal is to earn your business and trust with dependable IT support that helps you regain control of your workday.

Our Other IT Services in Utah

  • Managed IT Services
  • IT Helpdesk 
  • IT Consulting
  • Cybersecurity 
  • IT Outsourcing
  • Network Support

Frequently Asked Questions About Our IT Support and Services

Managed IT support services are a game-changer for small businesses like yours. They provide you with expertise and resources that might otherwise be out of reach.

By partnering with us, you’ll experience reduced IT costs, improved efficiency, and a reduction in recurring technical issues.

Trusted by over 50 companies, we ensure top-tier support, ensuring your IT aligns perfectly with your business goals.

As a leading local IT support company, NetWize stands out with our rapid response time, averaging under 10 minutes, and our deep technical expertise.

Our commitment to understanding and resolving your specific IT challenges, combined with our 64 years of collective experience, makes us the go-to source for reliable and efficient IT solutions.

Effective tech support is pivotal to your business’s performance. It ensures minimal downtime, maximizes efficiency, and supports your technology infrastructure.

With NetWize, expect swift resolutions to technical issues and proactive maintenance, directly contributing to your bottom line.

Our approach is not just about fixing problems; it’s about empowering your business’s growth and stability.

When looking for a computer support provider, focus on rapid response times, a proven track record of customer satisfaction, and a complete suite of IT support services.

At NetWize, we pride ourselves on our quick turnaround, with an average response time of less than 10 minutes, and a diverse range of services that meet your specific needs.

Choose us as your IT support company and see reductions to recurring technical issues and extended downtime.

Delivering high-quality IT support and services is one of the cornerstones of NetWize.

We maintain a 98.9% CSAT rate by employing seasoned IT professionals and focusing on personalized solutions.

Our team’s proactive approach to IT challenges, combined with our extensive range of services, ensures that your information technology is not just supported but also optimized for peak performance.


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