Q. What computing platforms do you support?
We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and primarily support servers and desktops running a Microsoft operating system. However, we also support Linux and Macintosh operating systems.

Q. How much can I expect to pay for your services?
A. You will find that our prices are very competitive, delivering a lot of value for a surprisingly low cost. In fact, our fixed-fee IT services for small to medium-sized companies usually cost much less than a full-time IT staffer. And when it comes to project or hourly work at the enterprise level, you will save thousands of dollars by not attempting an unfamiliar project with existing staff.

Q. What is your definition of a small to medium-sized business? Is my business too small? Is my business too large?
A. There is no business too small or large for our team of experts. For companies without an existing IT staff, our fixed fee services are a great fit – regardless of the size of the company. We have clients with 5 employees, and clients with 5,000. No matter how much service you need, we can deliver.

Q. I already have an IT staff. Why would I ever need to outsource IT?
A. For companies with an existing IT staff, NetWize can provide the following services:

  • [icon type=”angle-double-right” class=”fa fa-li accent”]Augmentation services – We can assist your IT staff by freeing them from routine but critical tasks – backups, monitoring, updates, Antivirus, etc.
  • [icon type=”angle-double-right” class=”fa fa-li accent”]Supplemental services – Even IT people have to take vacations. For smaller companies with limited IT resources, this is often impossible. By partnering with NetWize, we can be on-call or on-site during planned or unplanned absences.
  • [icon type=”angle-double-right” class=”fa fa-li accent”]Project services – For smaller companies, projects are often the most stressful for limited IT resources. There simply isn’t enough time in the day for one person to support the IT environment and improve it. When projects are needed, NetWize can either perform the project or provide for the day-to-day IT support while the existing IT staff execute the project.
  • [icon type=”angle-double-right” class=”fa fa-li accent”]Hardware and software design and procurement – When it comes to investing in hardware and software, it really pays to have the bargaining power of a preferred vendor. We have achieved the highest levels of partnership with the major hardware and software providers, and are able to obtain rock-bottom pricing for our clients. We have on-staff pre-sales engineers ready to serve you, and the design expertise that will help us craft the perfect data center for you.

Learn more about our Enterprise IT services.

Q. Do you replace our existing IT staff?
A. Absolutely not. Our goal is to amplify the effectiveness of your existing staff, and to offer support during times when you need extra help. In fact, some of our clients report that their IT staffers learned a few tricks from us as we worked together, and ended up being more effective for the long-term.

Q. I have a small medical practice in southern Utah. Do you have someone in my area who can service me?
A. Certainly! We cover the entire state of Utah, and even some parts of Idaho, Wyoming, Arizona and Nevada. There’s no reason you can’t have a world-class small-business network even in a small rural town in Utah. For complete coverage areas, see: Areas of Coverage.

Q. Is there any way I can try you out before I sign up for a project?
A. Yes, we would be happy to come and conduct a free Security Assessment for you. This will give you a taste of the kind of expertise we have. And whether or not you decide to use us for a project, you will walk away with a valuable resource that will help you identify the gaps in your network security.

Q. My business isn’t very technology-heavy. We just need email and the Internet to run our business. Why would I need IT services?
A. What you don’t know can still hurt you. No matter how big your business is, your email probably contains a wealth of information that makes you a target for phishing attacks. Add in SPAM, viruses, and malware, and your unprotected email system could be the biggest risk factor your business faces. And you are also subject to the same legal and compliance requirements as large businesses when it comes to your email records. Take a look at our Secure Email offering for more information.

Q. I keep hearing about cloud computing. What’s the big deal? Why would I ever need to use it in my small business? They make it sound like everyone is using it, but I don’t understand the advantages very well.
A. You’re not alone. In fact, you’re ahead of your peers in this area. A recent study found that almost 3/4 of small business owners surveyed said that they had never heard of cloud computing. (Read the article here)

Cloud computing, at its most basic, is anything that involves using hosted services over the internet. They call it “cloud” computing, because in diagrams we often represent the internet as big fluffy cloud in the sky. But of course your stuff is not really in the sky, it’s in our ultra-secure, ultra-redundant, clustered storage devices, and you get to it via the internet. Using hosted software is a very economical move with some serious bottom-line benefits. It frees you from having to buy and install software, keep it patched, and keep upgrading it to the new versions. You sort of “rent” it from the provider (that’s us), and the burden of maintenance and uptime is on our shoulders. All you need is a computer and Internet access, and you can use all the services you need.

NetWize offers four very popular cloud services:

  • [icon type=”angle-double-right” class=”fa fa-li accent”]Spam filtering
  • [icon type=”angle-double-right” class=”fa fa-li accent”]Hosted Exchange
  • [icon type=”angle-double-right” class=”fa fa-li accent”]Email continuity
  • [icon type=”angle-double-right” class=”fa fa-li accent”]Offsite backup

It makes sense to move these particular functions to the cloud. Email is essential to the way we do business in the 21st Century, so you want to be absolutely sure that a flood or lightning strike can’t put you out of business. Using offsite backup is another no-brainer. In the event of any kind of local disaster, you will want to be able to recover your business-critical files and move forward without missing a beat. That same study revealed that a whopping 71% of small businesses do not keep their files and data backed up offsite. That makes us crazy! If you’re part of the 71%, we can help you fix.

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