The Top Industries in Salt Lake City

Top Industries in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City industries are diverse and play a key role in the development of the city.

Nestled in the scenic beauty of Utah, Salt Lake City is not just a tourist destination but a thriving economic powerhouse. The city’s economy is marked by a diverse range of industries that contribute to its growth and dynamism. In this exploration, we delve into the top industries in Salt Lake City, underscoring how essential information technology (IT) is to their success and sustainability.

“Information technology is not just a support function but a strategic partner in the success of Salt Lake City’s leading industries, propelling innovation and efficiency across all sectors,” Jed Crossley, President of NetWize, explains.


Top Industries in Salt Lake City


Healthcare and Biotech

One of the burgeoning sectors in Salt Lake City is the healthcare and biotech industry. This sector is pivotal due to its role in improving health outcomes and its contribution to the local economy.

Major players like Intermountain Healthcare lead the way, employing thousands and pushing the boundaries of medical and biotechnological innovation. IT plays a crucial role in this industry, from managing vast amounts of patient data and ensuring compliance with stringent regulatory standards to enabling telemedicine and advanced diagnostic tools.

These technologies improve patient care and operational efficiency, making IT an indispensable part of modern healthcare.


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Manufacturing is a staple of Salt Lake City’s economic landscape, with companies producing everything from aerospace components to outdoor sporting goods. Firms like Black Diamond Equipment exemplify the integration of IT in manufacturing processes through automation, precision engineering, and supply chain optimization.

These tools are vital for maintaining production efficiency, managing inventory, and ensuring product quality. They showcase the deep integration of IT systems in achieving cost-effective and scalable manufacturing solutions.



The financial sector in Salt Lake City, including institutions like Zions Bancorporation, relies heavily on IT to ensure the security and efficiency of their operations. In an era where cybersecurity threats loom large, robust IT frameworks are critical for protecting sensitive financial data and ensuring uninterrupted service.

Moreover, IT enables these institutions to offer innovative customer services, such as online banking, mobile applications, and automated advising, which are essential for staying competitive in the digital age.


Education in Salt Lake City, from public schools to esteemed institutions like the University of Utah, increasingly relies on IT to enhance educational delivery and administration. The shift towards digital classrooms, online learning platforms, and remote education, especially evident during the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighted the critical role of IT in education.

IT solutions facilitate a broad range of functions, from student registration systems to e-learning tools and virtual libraries, enriching the educational experience and expanding access to learning resources.


Tourism and Hospitality

Tourism and hospitality are vital to Salt Lake City’s economy, with attractions like Snowbird Resort drawing visitors from around the globe. IT is crucial in this sector for managing reservations, enhancing guest services, and marketing.

Technologies like CRM systems, digital marketing tools, and data analytics are used to tailor visitor experiences and optimize business operations, making IT a core element of the industry’s success.


Salt Lake City Top Industries in Summary

The biggest industries in Salt Lake City combine to form a unique economy that is singular to the city, combining its innovative spirit with beautiful surrounding environs. This makes the tapestry of top industries in Salt Lake City truly one of a kind.




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