7 Reasons We Rock

NetWize is committed to providing top tier managed IT support for businesses. We recognize that IT is a largely unregulated industry, and almost anyone can claim they are an expert. We encourage you to thoroughly look into any MSP before trusting them with your IT. Here are 7 things NetWize does that sets us apart from the competition:

  1. We are an Established Business: NetWize is located in a brick and mortar building at 702 West Confluence Avenue in Murray, UT. We are not run out of a basement, garage, or PO box. We have been providing quality technology services since 1998 and invite you to visit our facilities, and meet our friendly knowledgeable staff.
  2. We Carry Error and Omission Insurance: You may not know this, but many MSP’s aren’t insured against errors or omissions. Some may say they don’t make mistakes so it’s unnecessary, but are you willing to take their word for it? NetWize carries $1 million in error and omission insurance to give you peace of mind, and to show that we are serious about providing quality service.
  3. Trained and Certified Engineers: IT is sometimes like the Wild West, anyone can come in claiming to be the new sheriff in town. At NetWize, we prefer to show you our credentials rather than tell you we are the best. We carry partnerships with many vendors like Microsoft, Dell, HP, Cisco, and VMWare, that require us to undergo training and hold industry recognized certifications.
  4. Experienced Front-Line Engineers: Have you ever called in for support and felt like you were wasting hours of your time with an inexperienced student — and then they ended up escalating you to someone else anyway!?! NetWize understands this frustration, our front-line engineers each average 12+ years’ experience supporting business environments, meaning you’ll stop wasting time explaining your issue, stop being bounced around, and get your issue resolved quicker than with the other guys.
  5. Backup and Disaster Recovery Experts: Every MSP claims, and will attempt, to give you a backup and disaster recovery solution; but, how successful are they at restoring data when it’s lost? At NetWize, we devote time and resources to our, when-you-need-it, backup and DR solution. We do it better than anyone out there. If no one has spoken to you about critical disaster recovery concepts like Retention, RPO, RTO, or TCO give us a call,
  6. Top of Rack Engineers: NetWize has two sides of its business, Managed Services, and Enterprise Sales. Our Enterprise Sales team installs high-end equipment for large enterprise companies and corporation. In order to do this, we need high-end, skilled engineers. These engineering resources gives NetWize a depth of expertise not found in other MSP’s.
  7. Dell GeoPartner: You may not know this, but NetWize is the ONLY Dell GeoPartner in the state of Utah. To retain this prestigious program with Dell, we have to comply with regulations that go above and beyond that of other MSP’s that include employee background checks, drug testing, added security on our facilities, and much more to ensure you are getting the best, most dependable, service possible.

If you are ready to take control of your IT, contact us today at (801) 747-3200 or fill out the form above and one of our experienced staff will promptly contact you. Stop wasting time and money - give us a call today.

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