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Safeguard your people, systems, and data with a Utah cybersecurity firm trusted by 50+ companies

Deploy Proven Cybersecurity Processes and Technologies Across Your Company

Protect systems, data, and employees with a team that secures over 1,453 endpoints every day.

Why choose NetWize for cybersecurity services?

  • Pinpoint and remediate threats fast with round-the-clock monitoring from a 24/7 SOC
  • Protect against the most effective cyberattacks with advanced Email and Spam Filtering
  • Reduce risk ratings and the risk of fines with a knowledgeable team that assists with compliance
  • Build a security-first culture at your company with security awareness and practical insights from seasoned experts
  • Receive the value you expect with a 60-day Contract Opt-Out Guarantee

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Core Features of Our Customized Cybersecurity Services in Utah

Peace of Mind With 24/7 Protection

Don’t leave your systems unguarded overnight. Don’t wait until the next day to discover cyber incidents. Protect your business in real time.

Identify and address threats immediately with a 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM).

Sleep better at night knowing everything from your servers to your emails is being monitored by qualified cybersecurity professionals.

Bolster Your First Line of Defense

Boost your team’s ability to recognize and respond to cyber threats with our specialized training programs.

Designed to captivate and inform, our sessions range from fundamental security protocols to intricate threat identification techniques.

We bridge the gap between theory and practice with hands-on phishing simulations, crafting true-to-life situations to sharpen your team’s defensive skills and pinpoint potential vulnerabilities.

Secure Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud Environments

In a time when more than 60% of business data resides in the cloud, safeguarding your cloud infrastructure is essential.

Protect your online infrastructure through reliable cloud support, user control, and sophisticated data backup practices.

Gain access to qualified experts who respond to issues in as little as 10 minutes

Prevent Unauthorized Network Access

Are there intruders lurking within your network? Could there be unauthorized access to your systems? You can’t afford to be uncertain when teams and customers are so spread out.

Enhance your network security with our all-encompassing protection solutions, meticulously crafted for small and medium-sized enterprises.

We offer vigilant network security that encompasses daily evaluations and updates, fortifying your systems to steadfastly withstand new and evolving threats.

Receive Guidance on Cybersecurity, Compliance and More

Our experienced professionals are dedicated to performing a detailed risk analysis, identifying weak points and developing an effective information security plan customized to your specific business activities.

But we don’t just plan; we take decisive action. Our specialists are ready to deploy advanced security measures, ensuring that your network stands strong against cyber risks.

Minimize compliance and lower risk ratings with experienced consultants. We develop lightweight, compliant workflows that keep you on the right track.

72% of Businesses Don’t Recover After a Cyberattack

When the stakes are this high, you need a partner you can trust

Why Businesses Rely On Our Cybersecurity Company

Reduce your vulnerability

Don’t Leave Security to Chance

Reduce your vulnerability, protect your data, and encounter fewer auditing complications with NetWize.

Our services deliver extensive protection across your company, streamlining your cybersecurity requirements with one dependable provider.

Utilize our rapid threat identification and notification systems to preempt potential dangers, ensuring comprehensive security for every facet of your IT framework.

We offer an all-encompassing defense to safeguard your business activities. Rely on a team that safeguards 50 businesses and more than 1,453 endpoints globally.

Ease Compliance Hassles

Ease Compliance Hassles

40% of your IT budget just goes into compliance. Non-compliance could result in financial losses, legal complications, regulatory penalties, and harm to your reputation.

There’s a better way.

Sidestep the risks associated with non-compliance by partnering with a leading local cybersecurity firm.

Our specialists are adept at guiding you through essential data security regulations including PCI, SEC, GLBA, HIPAA, and FINRA.

Secure Your Business Now

Secure Your Business Now, Not Months From Now

Initiate robust protection with our 30-Day Onboarding Process. At NetWize, we ensure your cybersecurity services are fully operational swiftly, offering immediate support from the very first day, even throughout the onboarding phase.

Gain peace of mind with our 60-day Contract Opt-Out Guarantee. This flexibility ensures you’re never locked into a commitment if your needs aren’t met, highlighting our confidence in our cybersecurity effectiveness.

Our small, agile team ensures personalized attention, treating your security concerns as our own.

Our Other IT Services in Utah

  • Managed IT Services
  • IT Support
  • IT Helpdesk
  • IT Consulting
  • IT Outsourcing
  • Network Support

FAQs About Our Cyber Security Services in Utah

The cost of cybersecurity as a service varies based on your specific needs and the complexity of your infrastructure.

At NetWize, we believe in transparent, value-driven pricing. Rather than offering one-size-fits-all solutions, we assess your unique requirements to provide a customized plan that ensures robust protection without unnecessary expenditures.

Our services are scalable, meaning you can tailor your engagement as your business grows or if you adopt different technologies.

Identifying the most trusted cybersecurity company involves considering factors like industry experience, customer testimonials, and the ability to stay ahead of emerging threats.

NetWize prides itself on a sterling reputation built over years of dedication and successful protection of our client’s assets.

Our proactive approach and commitment to continuous improvement in security practices position us as a reliable and trusted cybersecurity provider.

Is cybersecurity worth it? Absolutely. The question isn’t about the cost but the value.

In an age where data breaches can cripple your operations, tarnish your reputation, and result in hefty fines, investing in robust cybersecurity isn’t just sensible – it’s crucial.

At NetWize, we see it as an indispensable aspect of your business strategy, safeguarding your operations, keeping customer data secure, and ultimately, your brand’s integrity.

NetWize secures an extensive range of devices and systems. Our holistic approach ensures comprehensive protection from endpoints like laptops and mobile phones to critical infrastructure including servers and networks.

We don’t just focus on the hardware; our strategies encompass your software and data, integrating advanced threat detection and response mechanisms to shield every layer of your digital ecosystem.

Undoubtedly, small businesses need cybersecurity just as much as larger enterprises. In fact, their often-limited defenses make them attractive targets for attackers.

NetWize understands the unique challenges small businesses face and offers scalable, robust cybersecurity solutions.

We believe that size should never compromise security, and our mission is to equip your small business with enterprise-level protection, ensuring you can grow and thrive without the looming threat of cyber attacks.


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