Maximize server resource, minimize cost

Virtualization solution from NetWize allows you to separate your Enterprise IT resources from your in-house environment. This means you’ll be able to access more technology, memory and software than is possible with a physically installed server. Enjoy Enterprise IT without the time and costs of training.

With a Virtualization solution from NetWize, you can enjoy:

  • Reduced IT cost with fewer hardware headaches
  • Faster redeployment that can take place within minutes
  • Easy and robust backups that offer snapshots of your virtual machine
  • Enhanced efficiency and computing resources
  • Improved disaster recovery as backup is far easier than with disparate hardware servers
  • Better support for software development with no need to requisition new servers and additional hardware
  • Snapshot makes it easy to revert the mistakes you’ve made and allows for better testing
  • Far fewer servers means lower monthly power and cooling costs as well as a greener office

Virtualization allows you to integrate more technology and boost efficiency, all with less server, saving you both time and money.

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