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Intelligent Security to Keep Your Business Safe

Don’t let a lack of security put your company at risk. Often, data breaches originate accidentally from internal operations and aren’t always the result of hackers. In today’s changing work environment, cybersecurity is more important then ever. Virtual meetings, remote workers, and required flexibility means your business information may be vulnerable from unsecured networks and devices.

NetWize helps your business prepare and guard against potential threats. Our IT strategists can execute robust risk management, availability, and data protection assessments, designed to help us identify gaps, manage risks, and make sure processes are in place to protect your assets.


Why Choose NetWize as Your Security Solutions Provider?

NetWize has been an IT provider in Utah for over 20 years. We understand the complexities of building and sustaining a secure IT strategy. It’s important to us to provide real solutions which is why we offer a free security assessment before you even get started with us. We will look at your current environment and systems along with what security requirements your company has. We will then provide our findings with a list of recommendations for you. With a full risk  assessment, including identified assets, threats, vulnerabilities, impact and likelihood assessment, you’ll have a complete analysis to make informed decisions about keeping your business secure.


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