Is it time for you to partner with an MSP? 5 Questions you should ask yourself

It has never been easy to innovate, leveraging technology to stay ahead of your competitors, when you’re entirely reliant on in-house expertise and systems. With technology obsolescence and rising threats to information security presenting an ongoing challenge to business leaders, it’s imperative that you find the right partners to work with. If that sounds like a familiar problem, then it’s probably time to start working with a managed services provider (MSP).

#1. Are your systems struggling to keep up with demand?

From an operations standpoint, modern technology presents businesses with the opportunity to grow without restrictions. However, those stuck with old in-house computing infrastructure will find themselves struggling to keep up during periods of high demand. Partnering with an MSP gives you access to computing resources and expertise on demand for a predictable monthly fee per user.

#2. Do your employees crave workplace flexibility?

Ever since the rise of cloud technologies and ubiquitous internet connectivity, the workforce has been striving to break the chains of the office desk and the nine-to-five routine. Employees are now more accustomed to working from home or on the move, and it’s a trend that shows no signs of slowing down. By outsourcing your IT and having your computing workloads taken care of in the cloud, you can facilitate complete workforce mobility and reduce overheads.

#3. Have you recently suffered a data breach?

Corporate data is under constant assault from hackers, social engineering scammers, and a multitude of other threats. Small businesses, presenting something of a sweet spot between risk and reward, tend to be the favorite target. If your organization has recently suffered a data breach, then it’s time augment your systems with cutting-edge defenses to reduce risk and keep up with the quickly evolving world of cybersecurity. MSPs typically offer the full range of security services needed to stay safe, such as round-the-clock monitoring, intrusion detection and prevention, and more.

#4. Is unscheduled downtime hindering productivity?

As organizations across all industries become increasingly reliant on technology, downtime is one of the biggest barriers to growth and productivity. Customers now expect companies to be consistently online, and if you can’t serve them in their time of need, they won’t hesitate to look elsewhere. In other words, unscheduled downtime is not something you can afford to suffer. MSPs are bound by the obligations outlined in their service level agreements to respond to support tickets within given deadlines and maintain a minimum level of service availability.

#5. Are you struggling to keep up with your competitors?

Many established brands have all but vanished simply because they failed to keep up with the times. To prevent your business from being usurped by more innovative competitors, you need the latest and most suitable IT solutions on your side. It’s practically impossible to do that when you’re fully reliant on an in-house IT department due to factors like the shortage of expertise and high costs involved. To innovate fast enough, you need access to the right vendors, and that’s generally something that only comes with a partnership with an MSP.

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