How is AI changing cloud computing?

How is AI changing cloud computing?

Cloud computing has come a long way, from the use of virtual computers in the 1990s to the rise of cloud-based services in the 2000s. And now, artificial intelligence (AI) is matching the improvements in cloud computing. Interestingly, more and more cloud computing providers are utilizing AI to enhance their service offerings. Let’s take a look at how AI is impacting cloud computing.

What are the benefits of AI in cloud computing?

Incorporating AI technologies will deliver more functionality and extra value to cloud computing, and this comes with the following key benefits:

Intelligent, accelerated automation

Basic IT management tasks that are time-consuming and repetitive, such as scaling and resource allocation, can be automated using AI. AI is more efficient at performing such tasks because it doesn’t get tired and is not prone to errors typically committed by humans. It can also determine the cloud resources you need, oversee and maximize cloud performance, and scale up or down the services according to your needs. 

Better data management

AI tools make it easier and more efficient to manage and use your data. From data gathering to data analysis, AI will be able to provide valuable insights into your operations as well as to your customers’ behavior. And because AI tools can mine and manage real-time data, the analytics you get are up to date and immediate.

Improved user experience

More and more businesses are using AI tools for tasks involving customer support. For example, chat and email support are now powered by AI bots. While some business owners may still not appreciate their customers being serviced by a machine, the truth is that more and more consumers are getting used to dealing with bots when seeking customer support. Many companies now rely on AI to manage simple support tasks, while staff handle complex customer problems, typically those requiring critical thinking and/or empathy.

Stronger security

AI will enhance the security of your system. It can control, monitor, and manage critical workflows in your system without you having to worry about human error that can lead to data loss or leave your business vulnerable to cyberattacks. In addition, AI can flag any suspicious activity or behavior and stop potential threats in their tracks. With AI-powered security, you have an electronic security force that is on guard 24/7 and doesn’t get tired.


AI-powered cloud computing optimizes your resources, making your processes more efficient and thereby lowering costs. Yes, the price to engage in AI-powered cloud computing may require high upfront costs, but providers can help you get the service you need without breaking the bank. 

Innovative services and new business models

As AI continues to change the landscape of cloud computing, managed services providers and cloud vendors need to find new ways to adapt AI that adds value to their offerings. This can mean the rise of more innovative services and the development of new business models in the future — or even sooner than you think, given the rapid developments in technology.


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With all these exciting developments in cloud computing and AI, it’s not surprising that SMBs are a little overwhelmed by it all. Fortunately, our IT experts at NetWize are ready to provide you with the technical knowledge and practical help you need to navigate the world of AI-powered cloud computing. For scalable technology solutions and expert IT services for Utah-based business, contact us today.

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