Take advantage of these 4 new AI features in Microsoft Teams

Take advantage of these 4 new AI features in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based communication platform that allows you to chat, call, video conference, and collaborate with others. Its wide range of features includes video conferencing with up to 100 participants, live captions, recording and transcription of meetings, and screen sharing. It’s available on a variety of devices and is offered at various price plans for organizations.


Microsoft Teams Premium users, in particular, will be delighted to know that the platform has become even more feature-rich, boasting AI-powered innovations. Here are Teams’s top AI-powered features that can make meetings, training sessions, and webinars more efficient.

Intelligent recap

Intelligent recap automatically transcribes and summarizes meeting recordings, so you can quickly catch up on what you missed. Fueled by PowerPoint Live, Intelligent Recap uses AI to generate chapters in your meeting recordings based on the content of a presentation, streamlining the process of identifying and selecting the most pertinent segments. It also highlights key moments and action items in your meeting recordings, helping you stay on top of your work.


Imagine that your marketing team is conducting a project review meeting. The meeting covers a lot of ground, from market analysis to campaign strategies to performance metrics. It would be easy for team members to get lost in the details or to miss important information.


But with AI-generated chapters, the meeting recording is automatically segmented into each phase of the presentation. This makes it easy for team members to revisit and discuss specific sections without navigating through lengthy recordings.

Live translation 

Live translation translates meetings in real time, allowing everyone to participate, regardless of their language. It also works with live captions, so you can see what’s being said in the speaker’s and your language. 


For instance, a multinational company is conducting a strategy alignment virtual meeting with participants from different locations around the world. With AI-driven real-time translations, language diversity no longer poses a hurdle. A sales director in Tokyo can read the captions in Japanese, while their counterparts in Paris follow in French, and the marketing team in Salt Lake City stays engaged in English. This seamless interpretation not only enhances inclusivity but also enriches discussions by ensuring everyone comprehends nuances and context accurately.


It’s worth noting that only the meeting organizer needs to have a Teams Premium subscription to enable live translation for all attendees. This means that everyone in the meeting can fully participate and contribute to the conversation, irrespective of their subscription status. 

Meeting templates

Meeting templates allow you to create custom templates for different types of meetings, such as brainstorming sessions, sales calls, or training sessions. 


For example, a project manager can create a meeting template for weekly project status update meetings. The template can be preconfigured with settings, such as attendees, recurring schedules, and documentation links. By using this template, the manager is freed from repetitive setup tasks and can focus more on facilitating productive discussions. Moreover, the template enforces the company’s predefined guidelines, ensuring that every meeting adheres to a consistent structure and achieves the intended objectives.


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Advanced webinar

Advanced webinars let you do two things efficiently: facilitate smooth event registration and craft tailored experiences for your audience. This new function is useful in a variety of scenarios, encompassing a range of webinars that simplify the process of hosting events.


Consider a real-life use case in which a software company is gearing up for a webinar to launch its latest software solution. With Teams’s advanced webinars feature, attendees can seamlessly register for the event, providing the hosting company with essential insights for planning and follow-ups. In addition, the customization options allow the company to tailor the webinar experience to match its branding, ensuring a consistent and immersive experience for participants. Features like interactive polls, Q&A sessions, and participant engagement analytics enrich the experience, enhancing the company’s ability to connect with its audience.


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